1924 paper found during refurbishment

Several old newspapers and magazines have been found during refurbishment of a property in Caroline Road, Llandudno, in a boarded-over door.

Llandudfno Circular 1924 front cover

Llandudfno Circular 1924 front cover (click picture to enlarge)

Pictured is the front cover of the Llandudno Circular for Saturday, 14th June 1924.

Other papers found include the Daily Sketch from 16th May and 11th June 1924, plus  parts of the News of the World printed on 6th January of that year.

Some adverts make interesting reading. Imagine this for a day out shopping in 1924:

  • Ladies’ winter coat – 30/- (£1.50p)
  • Gramophone – 18/6 (92.5p)
  • Bargain bicycle – £5.5.0 (£5.25)
  • Sunshine Margarine – 9d (5p) a pound (1/2 kilo)
  • Lipton’s tea – 2/4 (12p) a pound (1/2 kilo)

But we should remember the average weekly wage at the time was about 20/- or just £1.00!






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