Community project at restored walled kitchen garden

Set in the grounds of Mostyn Hall, this spectacular 18th century, recently restored walled kitchen garden is now being used to grow fresh fruit and vegetables for the local community.

The aim of the project is to assist with education, health and prosperity across all areas of the community. Participants have the opportunity to be fully involved in all aspects of growing vegetables. By doing this they enjoy exercise in the fresh air, social interaction, confidence building and learning new skills. They can see and learn how easily fresh food may be grown to organic principles.

Walled Kitchen Garden

Activities at the garden are always tailored to suit the needs of the individual participants. Seed sowing, heavy digging, gentle weeding, watering, pruning, harvesting or just taking the time to enjoy a walk around provides the opportunity for everyone to gain from the experience. The garden also lends itself to groups organising specific events which have included “cut, cook and eat”, pruning courses, barbecues, flower arranging, dry stone walling, jam making, Christmas decoration making, willow sculpture and many other activities. We also hold Open days when all our groups can come and meet up over soup and cake.

Many different groups and individuals are already involved including schools, community groups and food co-operatives.

This year, 2013, the garden will be in full production so that the 2½ acres of beds and the extensive glasshouse will be used to grow over 200 varieties of vegetables. This produce will be supplied to families, food co-operatives and local restaurants. All the usual varieties of fruit and vegetables will be grown as well as some unusual things such as asparagus peas and cape gooseberries.

Initially started as an Intermediate Labour Market project, it has recently developed into an independent, Social Enterprise.

Greenhouses with planted seed trays

If you are interested in getting involved with or visiting this spectacular walled garden project then please contact Phil Handley.

Philip Handley


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