About Mostyn Estates

Mostyn Estates Limited is a private limited company which manages the interests of the Mostyn family across North Wales and elsewhere..

The principal areas of activity are its commercial, residential and agricultural holdings within Llandudno, together with its agricultural estates based round Rhewl and Tremostyn, Flintshire.

The Mostyn family connection with Llandudno and Flintshire began over 500 years ago. The majority of the town as we know it today was laid out in 1849 by the Mostyn family, who leased most of the plots for development and influenced the building design and uses of the land. Mostyn Estates has always sought to promote the economic well being of the town and in recent years promoted Mostyn Champneys Retail Park, Parc Llandudno and the town’s Victoria Centre.

The Estate values the unique Victorian heritage whilst wishing to ensure the future prosperity of the town. Properties which are leased by, or bought from, Mostyn Estates are subject to covenants which assist in controlling the use to which the property can be put and maintaining standards such as repairs and alterations.