Mostyn Estates Rural Land Management

Mostyn Estates owns and manages over 5300 acres of countryside including 3600 acres of farmland, 1100 acres of woodland and 600 acres of open space. The Estate is divided into two, Mostyn (Flintshire) Estate which consists of 3500 acres of farmland and woodland, all within a ring fence around Mostyn Hall, and the Llandudno Estate comprising of 1000 acres of farmland, 200 acres of woodland and approximately 600 acres of the Great Orme which is now designated as a country park.

Key Facts

  • All farmland is let on agricultural tenancies.
  • 1100 acres of forestry is managed on an environmentally and commercially sustainable basis with a large area designated as ancient semi-natural woodland.

Did you know

  • The rural estate comprises 5,300 acres of countryside in North Wales.
  • There are over 50 miles of public rights of way over Estate land.