Mostyn Estates Forestry

The estate woodlands at Mostyn Flintshire and the Gloddaeth woodlands at Llandudno, Conwy have been in the Mostyn Family since 1400 AD.

Mostyn Estate woodlands comprise 1100 acres of commercial conifer plantation and native broadleaf woodland situated at Mostyn and Llandudno.

The woodlands are actively managed to provide a diverse range of benefits for timber production, sporting activities, recreation and landscape.

With active management dating back several hundred years these woodlands have been able to produce a sustainable timber resource for the estate.

Home grown Oak beams incorporated into the buildings of 1570 are still as strong and as sound as they were when they were lifted into place by the builders of the Tudor period.

Today Mostyn Estate woodlands are predominately ancient or semi-natural woodlands along with commercial conifer plantations which are managed in accordance with the Welsh Government forestry guidelines.

Within these woodlands all timber is carefully selected for felling and thinning. These areas are then replanted with native broadleaf species and commercial conifer crops to produce a sustainable timber resource for the future.

Mostyn woodlands continue to develop and lead the way within a rapidly changing and demanding industry.

Contact Mostyn Sawmill

Phillip Davies, Estate Sawmill, Mostyn Hall, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 9HN.

Tel: 01745 561188
Mobile: 07921024672


Key facts

  • The Estate woodlands cover an area of 1100 acres managed commercially yet on an environmentally sensitive basis.
  • A large percentage of the woodland is designated as Semi-natural Ancient Woodland which means it has been under tree cover since at least the 10th Century.

Did you know

  • The woodlands provide a habitat for such rare species as early purple orchid, spindle
  • Thinnings from the woods have been ¬†used to heat Mostyn Hall since 2009 by conversion to woodchip and burning through a biomass boiler in place of the traditional oil boilers which cuts down on the need for fossil fuels and reduces the carbon footprint.