Mostyn Estates Insurance

The Company insures all the leasehold properties on the Estate, in accordance with the terms of the lease, which is often for fire only. Lessees can, at the discretion of the Estate, insure against additional perils through our insurers or with other insurance providers. Each property is assessed separately. Mostyn Estates is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and benefits from the services of an independent insurance broker.

The Estate Office should be notified of any change of circumstances with regard to the property, as this could influence the insurance contract and level of cover provided.

Griffiths & Armour

Mostyn Estates Ltd are pleased to work in partnership with Griffiths & Armour Insurance Brokers. Our collaboration embraces Insurance Placement, Claims Handling and Risk Management activity.

Griffiths & Armour are a leading UK independent corporate insurance broker and risk management adviser with offices throughout the UK. Their approach to insurance, claims and risk management is professional & inclusive, ensuring the aspirations and expectations of ourselves and their clients are fully achieved. Their staff are trained to deal with all aspects of insurance and offer an excellent customer service. Griffiths and Armour welcome enquiries from our tenants about any of their insurance requirements.