The Street names of Llandudno (19th-20th Century)

The Street names of Llandudno

(19th-20th Century)

The street and road names of Llandudno survive as a permanent reminder of the Mostyn family’s influence on the development of the town. Almost all of the names have Mostyn family roots. It is appropriate that Mostyn Street runs right through the commercial heart of the town whereas the origins of Gloddaeth Street are also obvious. Madoc Street is derived from the name of Madog Gloddaith, the eminent 14th century head of the Gloddaith household who in Welsh literary tradition was remembered for being remarkably ugly. On a similar ancestral note, Trevor Street is perhaps derived from Tudur Trefor, hailed as the primary lineal ancestor of the Mostyns prior to 1831. Gwydyr Road commemorates Sir Roger Mostyn’s marriage to Mary Wynn of Gwydir in 1596 whereas Vaughan Street probably has associations with the Corsygedol estate in Merionethshire which was acquired by the family through the marriage of the 5th Baronet in 1766.

Charlotte Road is possibly related to Charlotte Mostyn (1768-1845), the sister of the 6th Baronet who inherited a life interest in the estates following her brother’s death in 1831. Lloyd Street evidently derives from the fact that following the termination of the Mostyn lineage in 1831, all Mostyns were henceforth Lloyd-Mostyns, the line passing through the heirs of Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd of Pengwern (1768-1854). Augusta Street and Nevill Crescent both relate to Henrietta Augusta Nevill (1830-1912), who married Thomas Edward Mostyn Lloyd-Mostyn (1830-1861) in 1855.

Llandudno Street Map

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