Bodysgallen returns to the Mostyn (1766)

Bodysgallen returns to the Mostyn


In medieval times Bodysgallen almost certainly formed part of the Gloddaith estate and by the middle of the 16th century it was in the possession of Richard Mostyn (c.1522-90), the second surviving son of Thomas Mostyn (c.1490-1558). Though Richard Mostyn was a younger son, he was an influential man in the Creuddyn Peninsula, being nominated as Sheriff of Caernarfon in 1572 and serving as Justice of the Peace from 1574 until his death sometime between 1590 and 1600. Similarly, like the rest of Mostyn family he was a fervent patron of the Welsh bardic order with the famous poet and herald Gruffudd Hiraethog (d.1564) dedicating his Lloegr Drigiant Ddifyrrwch Brytanaidd Gymro to him; a work created ‘to remind and bring to the memory of any of the Welsh nation who should go out of his country, the language of his own mother who bore him and of his natural place of birth’. Richard Mostyn failed to produce a son and heir and on his death, his daughter Margaret inherited as heiress of Bodysgallen. She married Hugh Wynn of Berthdu (d.1614). Bodysgallen was held by the Wynns for another four generations

However, in 1766 Sir Roger Mostyn the 5th Baronet (1734-96) married Margaret (1744-92) the daughter of Rev. Hugh Wynn and heiress of Robert Wynn of Bodysgallen, thus returning the house and its estate to the Mostyn family after a gap of over 160 years. The marriage also brought Plas Mawr (Conwy), lands in Bodidris and the Corsygedol estate into the Mostyn inheritance. A fireplace at Bodysgallen depicts the two mottos of the family whereas the lion rampant of the Mostyn dynasty guards over the main entrance to the house.

Bodysgallen hall is now managed by Historic House Hotels Ltd. in association with the National Trust.

Bodysgallen returns to the Mostyn

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